Logic Blox Music Synthesizer

Logic Blox Music Synthesizer Builders series includes customized switches, dials and controls modeled from 1960's to early 2000 electronic synthesizers. Switches and controls are fully animated with options for dial faces and color combinations. Prefabricated internal functions are used to manipulate Unity's native audio source engine and built in audio filters. Users can combine any combination of controls, filters, keyboards and sounds to create custom virtual synthesizers which can be played from computer keyboard, mouse and MIDI surface (Piano keys).

Package Includes: 

- 5 octave piano keyboard surface

- 5 base waveforms (245 tuned note wav samples) 

- Multi select push button switches 

- Vintage style volume and selector knobs 

- Led illuminated push buttons

- Classic sliders

- Modulation wheel 

- Piano foot pedal set

- Classic synth case

- Fully functional demo model 

- Detailed user guide 

- Polyphonic multi timbre sounds



Obtain components from Unity Asset Store:

logicbloxsynth Logic Blox Synthesizer builders kit