Virtual Logic

Virtual logic is computer logic that runs inside of virtual environments. The host computer's role is to support graphics and physical IO but the logical operations are performed by separate entities within the host.

Conventional Logic

For example: When writing contemporary programs, code is used to perform logical decisions. In this case the computational logic is performed inside the computers hardware.

Virtual Logic

Virtual logic programming on the other hand makes logical decisions from interactions of VR logic props . The logic props behave in a similar manor to gates (transistors and switches) inside of electronics and computers.


The purpose of virtual logic and logic props (Logic Blox) is to allow circuit designers to build and design electronic circuits and test them within virtual design environments prior to making physical prototypes.


The design environment can be setup with conditions that suit a particular logic challenge being addressed. For example: Environment can be a virtual greenhouse that simulates the thermodynamic properties of a real greenhouse.

Virtual logic an Logic Blox can be used to design and test control circuitry/ electro-mechanical operations. The resulting model can then be used to build real circuits to run a real greenhouse.


Phase two: Hook it all up to 3D-print technologies for making parts, circuit boards and assembly.

 Unity 3D platform

Multiplayer virtual world development

  • Drop in character rigs and asset
  • Single script npc/ally/player control deck
  • Area Triggers
  • Loot locking and distribution
  • 3D Audio controls
  • Encounter management
  • Real world interfacing
Develop inspector based character and environment control framework that allows easy incorporation of multiple asset type

Build in autonomous behavioral functions that cooperate with the environment to react and leverage AI modules and components.

Design character and prop control mechanisms based on shared code allowing for massive deployment of large sets of props , characters and animations.


Monster Mash - Is a solo development platform that's now turning into a game. Looking for peeps to download client, check it out and provide feedback.

Logix Blox- Demo game showing how logic props can be used to make virtual logic circuits and computer circuits.

Unity Asset Store Logic Blox - Unity Game development prefab for primitive gates. Build your own working circuits

Network Character Controller
Panel Content

Version 1 character controller structure for multiplayer over the network code and animation synchronization.

Logic Blox Project

Granby Games logic prop prefabs can be used to create, debug and design simple to complex virtual electronic circuits and or game play controls. Logic prop prefabs "primitives" are placed in game and connected together to run other logic circuits, sounds, animations and gameObjects. Attached logic engine script file manages behavioral logic and connections to other props. 

Normalized mesh structures allow mesh and material replacement with your favorite model(s). Build, learn and create with Logic Blox.

Package Includes:
- Logic Blox prefabs for And, Nand, Or, Nor, Buffer, Not, Switch, Lamp.  UpDn
- Logix Blox primitives and gates model meshes and materials.
- Logic Blox Engine script files - (UniLogicChip & UniLogicEffects)
- Instructional help files to get up and running.
- No coding or script file edits required.

Acquire Logic Blox prefabs  -  Here  lbIcon

Basic Gate Structure

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Illustration of primitive logic gate layout. Used for building in game virtual functional circuits.