Remote telescope control

Granby Ridge telescope control system provides remote access to all telescope peripherals including focusers, heaters, temp sensors, cameras, rs-232 devices and mount control. Core functions are controlled by the CPU driven Telescope Super Controller (TSC). The TSC provides connectivity and communications to all devices at the mount via a single data connection.  Portable or fixed mounts may be reliably operated from local or a remote locations.

Centralized connection point
  • Easy and reliable method for connecting and disconnect devices
  • Reduces cable drag on mount thus improving tracking accuracy
  • Reduces chance of cables becoming snagged
  • Eliminates long cable noise issues
  • Eliminates need for extra USB extenders, switches and power supplies
  • Only one USB data cable is needed to connect to main control PC

Enables remote control of all telescope functions
  • All telescope functions (focusers, cameras, rotators, temp sensors and heaters) are controlled by PC or laptop located near telescope mount
  • Remote PC in warm room can take control of PC located near mount to access and control all functions
  • Does not require special software, all your favorite observatory software can be used in conjunction with controller


RS-232 com port x 3
  • Can set com port numbers with Windows Device Manager
  • 3 com ports available for mount, rotators, temperature controlled focuses, etc
  • 3 separate high speed DLP serial UARTS
  • RJ11 style plugs reduces connector bulk (cables included)
Dual 9-12VDC focus motor controller
  • 128 step rates for fast or slow rotation high torque motor control
  • Can turn the motor shaft in increments less .1mm
  • Focus motor hand controller to control speed, direction and focuser selection
  • Software controllable. Interfaces to TSC control app (includced)
3 x heater control
  •  -50c to 120c sensing range
  •  Accurate within .5c
  •  Temperature logging
  •  Control set points to activate heaters when dew point is reached
2 x temperature temp probe
  • -50c to 120c sensing range
  • Accurate within .5c
  • Temperature logging
  • Control set points to activate heaters when dew point is reached
7 port USB 2.0 Hub
  • 4 External ports for cameras and or RS-232 converters
  • 3 Internal ports uses by com devices and internal processor
  • Can operate and capture from multiple high speed USB cameras simultaneously (USB 2.0 enhanced)
  • Ports can be connected to RS-232 converters to control additional peripherals such as TCF devices, rotators, adaptive optics, spectrum analyzers, filter wheels etc.
  • Single USB connection to PC connects the 7 port hub as well as internal converters and processors
3 x Internal power supplies
  • Uses multiple high efficiency miniature isolated DC to DC converters
  • 10 amp maximum capacity
  • 5 volts at 4 amps (USB hub and internal electronics)
  • 9 volts at 1 amp (focus motors)
  • 12 volts at 8 amps (mount, external peripherals, heaters).
  •  2 x DC 2.5mm center pin power connectors for external peripherals
  • Internal SBIG Power supply (+12/-12/+5) with SBIG DIN connector
  • Military style main power connector with gold plated pins
Internal PIC processor
  • Controls integration between hand controller and computer based focus control
  • Monitors temperature probes
  • Controls dew heaters
  • Monitors overall operation of TSC
  • Future development


  • Comes with control software for controlling focus motors and dew heaters
  • Can be used along with Observatory software that uses com ports or ASCOM
  • Use favorite remote control software (RDP, PC Anywhere, VNC) to control host pc and thus gain control over all peripherals


Sample Setup

TSC Connections