Tank Farm Irrigation Controller


IoT based controller using a Raspberry Pi 2 B running Windows 10 core with C# logic. It is first in a series of large area meshed autonomous horticultural management systems. With this release, each base systems provides 4 valve controls that can be set from timers or in response to other programmable input signals. Valve/pump dependencies and activation delays can be set to prevent dry pump runs and or pressure backup issues. Controllers are connected to Ethernet network (LAN or Wifi) enabling central management and integration of multiple panels.

  • Win 10 core based Microcontroller
  • .Net  c# API
  • 4 Valve Zone controls (timers, manual, rain)
  • Speech recognition
  • Autonomous operation
  • Rain detect
  • Remote operation
  • Expandable framework


Tank Farm Manager in Operation

Project construction details can be found here - Tank Farm